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At HVAC Schaumburg, we want to provide a broad range of HVAC repair and replacement services for our customers based in the Schaumburg, Illinois area – and we feel that we’ve managed to do exactly that since our inception so many years ago. While, perhaps, the majority of our services have been directed towards residential properties, we’re also well-versed when it comes to repair and replacement procedures that need to take place in commercial sites. Although there are some specific challenges associated with these tasks, it’s nothing our reputable and experienced HVAC technicians aren’t able to handle. Below, we’ll give you more information relating to our commercial HVAC services, including the coverage we offer and the services that we can carry out for you. For those who still have doubts or questions that need answering, our customer service representatives are available over the phone or online.

Service Coverage

One of the principal advantages of using our commercial HVAC services is that we’re able to provide expertise for any and every situation that comes up at your property. While some businesses might only be able to help you with an air conditioning repair request, or a water heater replacement procedure, we can do both – and everything else. Even if you’re not experiencing a problem, we’re happy to carry out inspections at your property to make sure that no problems are lurking in the background, ready to spring up and cause problems. We’re there for you in the good times and in the bad – without exception.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning systems keep your property in a bearable condition, channelling cool air throughout the interior spaces in your property. This is essential for commercial businesses, since customers and employees alike will struggle to spend time in an environment where it’s too hot to think! Our commercial HVAC service is available for air conditioning repair and replacement, ensuring that you have a working AC unit at all times. Needless to say, failing to keep a working air conditioner in place could have a negative impact on you and your business.


Furnaces are the installations which give properties warm air throughout the internal structure, and they’re clearly essential for the winter months when the average room temperature in a property plummets. Our furnace repair and replacement service is available for your convenience, offering expertise that covers every major brand and model that you’ll come across. We can diagnose the problems in a swift fashion, ensuring that you don’t need to go without warm air in your commercial business for any significant period of time. The last thing you want is your customers freezing solid!

Water Heaters

The water heater service we provide covers both repair and replacement procedures, so whether you’re looking to get your system back up and running or you’re thinking about upgrading it to something that offers greater performance levels, we’d be happy to assist you. Our dedicated technicians are the best around, so you can sit back and relax while we get to work.
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